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My Story - Inspirational Talks & Show that will leave you Breathless

Why I Do What I Do and How It Can Help You - Getting Out of Your Box


Alexanderia the Great aka Donna Purnell is a world-class escape artist who uses her magic shows on TV & inspirational talks to not only wow but make a difference in the world.  Whether its setting world records on TV, training to the extreme or fighting to extricate herself from chains, shackles, handcuffs & straitjackets from dangerous situations like the bottom of a deep pool or her very own Underwater Cell (UC), you can count on Alex to do something breath-taking for your next event.  

So why do I do it? I've survived escapes never attempted before: achieved several world records & set myself apart in a niche dominated by men. Today, my trademark escape is breaking out of a bulletproof cell but it only came about after I broke free of numerous other "boxes" I've been willingly locked in over the years (either by myself or society): "normal", "female", "wife" "mother"; "too heavy" "too old", "not smart enough","not pretty enough", "girls not allowed." 

Though I burst onto the scene in 2010 and have made numerous national TV appearances, this escape artist was trapped by my boxes for more than 30 years.  In fact, I struggle more with those labels/boxes mentioned above than I do any of the death-defying escapes.  Simply put, life is a challenge.  My biggest enemy is me and how I allow others to put me in a box.  I waited over 30 years to show the world what I can do simply because I didn't think others would accept me. A girl/teacher/mom isn’t "supposed to do” the things I could do.  I know what I do isn't "normal". One of my biggest fears was being labeled “weird”.  It wasn’t my death-defying escapes or the very real possibility of drowning mind you but losing my friends because I might not “fit in”.  I was trapped by what others might think of me.  Does any of this ring a bell for you?

Even with my escapology skills, I still get trapped, not by my restraints but the constraints I put on myself.  My fear of not "fitting in" or not being “accepted” to me is more terrifying than being locked in a bulletproof tank underwater.  Having been bullied publicly, I know the hurt and shame words can have.  And trust me, that pain is much greater than the pain I go through in any of my escapes.  

When I went on America's Got Talent I knew I wasn't the right age or the right size (as I knew I wasn't 22 or a size 2).  I went on anyway hoping to show that your talent should not take a back seat to your numbers (age and weight).  I wanted to show all that you can escape your boxes.  In my escapes, I am forced to not only "think outside of the box" but get out of it or I will literally drown. I can show you how to do the same by continuing to test your limits and to be ok with being uncomfortable.  I can help you push the envelope and help you escape the confines of comfort into a whole new you. And trust me, it will not require you to put on restraints or even get wet. 

Thinking Outside the Box


We Can All Learn To Be Escape Artists