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Magic & Inspirational talks that will leave you Breathless

Underwater Leap of Faith escape (as performed on America's Got Talent)  -  Handcuffed, leg cuffed, 30 feet of chains secured around her neck & body with 8 padlocks & a lead weight belt. Alex attempts to best even Houdini by blowing her air out before she plunges into the deep pool. She is the only escape artist to ever attempt an underwater escape on an exhale dive (without full lungs).  Houdini used to say of his underwater escapes "Failure means a drowning death" in this case he is right. 

The Underwater Cell - Alexanderia the Great combines two of Houdini's greatest escapes (strait jacket & Milk Can or Water Torture Cell escapes)  in a way no escape artist has ever attempted. Placed in a regulation Houdini strait jacket, secured with an additional 25 feet of chains & 5 padlocks and then placed into a 3x3 bullet proof underwater tank, Alex attempts to do something not even Houdini dare to do. Alex attempts to escape all in a single breath in full view of the audience live on AGT

NBC's Today Show feature on escape artist Alexanderia the Great aka Donna Purnell.

The CBS Evening News and Steve Hartman does a feature piece on Alexanderia the Great "The Housewife Houdini as part of their Assignment America series.  

Yahoo Studios feature series Second Act with escape artist Alexanderia the Great.  As a kid Donna Purnell loved magic shows on TV and dreamed of some day being the next Houdini. Her problem was, this would be escape artist, who could get out of chains & cuffs, was trapped by the lack of female role models in the magic shows & escapes.  Fast forward 30 years and after a series of job losses, this Modern Day Houdini literally had to take a Leap of Faith to save her family. Learn more with her inspirational talks.

World Record Straitjacket escape - Fox and Friends (Fox News Channel) - Watch as Alexanderia the Great sets a world record live as she does her extreme strait jacket escape.  Regulation Houdini strait jacket (heavy canvas and leather straps) secured with 50 feet of chains and 10 padlocks. 

Alexanderia the Great in Redesign My Brain - World Record Holding escape artist tries to teach Todd Sampson how to do a super human feat - a Houdini like underwater escape in the award winning science series Redesign My Brain